IDS SQuid 3

Skrivet av ons, 2014-08-27 14:54


The IDS SQuid 3 (SQ3) is a 19" (1RU) unit that provides industry
standard interfaces for I/O expansion. It has 32 opto-isolated inputs
and 32 isolated relay outputs which can be configured individually
using IDS Core. It comes with dual-redundant hot-plug PSUs,
Ethernet and LTC/Alarm connections and provides the perfect
resilient link between your IDS system and the outside world.
Management of the unit is straightforward, using the Windows® based
configuration software supplied. It supports DHCP for automatic
acquisition of IP address, but can be configured manually for a
static IP if required.
The SQ3 provides easy expansion of I/O over your IDS network. It can
also be used as an NTP server to the network when supplied with a
balanced SMPTE time code input. Multiple units can add NTP redundancy.
Combine it with an IDS Touchscreen for additional remote connectivity,
control and monitoring.
Any number of units can be installed on your system.