IDS Touch Screen 3

Skrivet av ons, 2014-08-27 13:37


The IDS Touchscreen 3 (TS3) provides a handy user interface to control
remote equipment over your IDS network while its powerful built-in
processor delivers all the broadcast critical information and alerts you
need to keep your broadcasts running smoothly.
The compact device is housed in a rugged aluminium enclosure with
a heavy base, making it very stable for desk-top conditions.
It connects to your network via Ethernet meaning that installation is
quick and painless.
Management of the unit is straightforward, using IDS Core or via a
USB keyboard plugged in directly. It supports DHCP for automatic
acquisition of IP address, but can be configured manually for a
static IP if required.
Use the TS3 to control IDS Accessories and other essential equipment
connected to your IDS network. Control video cameras, distribute content,
set timers, change TV channels, control STBs tucked away in your
master control room or respond to noise level alerts from remote
monitors. The possibilities are endless.