Imagine Communications 4CSD

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The VSG-4CSD is part of the Harris’s new Sync and Timing platform,
the ½RU-wide, 1 RU tall and 12 inches deep, 3G/HD/SD clock system
driver. The unit is small in size, redundant power supply inputs,
low power consumption and light in weight, making it a perfect fit for all
broadcast television and post production environments. 

The VSG-4CSD provide multiple timing inputs that include GPS with
10 MHz and PPS inputs, LTC, NTP, VITC support and future support for
IEEE1588 PTP via software upgrade available in the fall of 2012.
The video reference input supports NTSC, PAL, SD, HD and 3G formats
of video source sync signals including Black Burst (BB) or Tri Level Sync
(TLS). The rock solid internal oscillator provides the needed
stability for all timing applications.
The VSG-4CSD provide outputs that include NTP master, PTP master,
VITC, BB, TLS and LTC outputs with individual offsets on all outputs.
DARS or Word Clock (WC) output is also provided. The new easy to use
front panel allows for instantaneous status on any source or output including
date, time and lock information. This Clock System Driver provides for daylight
savings time and time zone offsets, auto change over for source failures with
primary and secondary source selection. The fail over provides the next best
choice of maintaining the uninterruptable status that is required by the
most stringent systems.
The unit has dual power supply capabilities using external 110/220
universal AC adapters providing the required DC power input.
  • Genlock to standard color black (NTSC - SMPTE 170M and PAL
    - ITU-R BT. 470-5)
  • Genlock to Tri-level sync (SMPTE 240M/274M/296M)
  • Support for various time code formats and time code user
    bit formats, including
  • SMPTE/EBU drop frame or non-drop time code format
  • GPS support via 10 MHz and RS-232 interface
  • NTP support and PTP (future support for IEEE1588 PTP via
    software upgrade available in the fall of 2012) support via
    a network connection
  • VITC support from black burst inputs
  • LTC support
  • GPI I/O
  • Redundant external power supply
  • Auxiliary I/O
  • VITC support on black burst
  • Two LTC outputs
  • Support for digital audio reference signal (DARS) or word clock

Processing Features

  • Configurable Daylight Savings Time and Leap Second change
  • Auto detection for input sources
  • User-definable scheduled call outs to time reference sources, such as GPS receivers
  • User-programmable delays for input and output, offsets, time code offsets, output phasing, and input and output jam syncs
  • Display of current local time and date

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