Imagine Communications DTD-A19B2

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The Digital Time Display (DTD) with Day of Year (DOY) is a versatile, multi-featured, timecode-driven clock display. 
The unit is capable of displaying multiple formats of date and time
including: 3-digit DOY,12-hour (with PM indicator) time and 24-hour 
time as hh:mm:ss. 

These devices decode IRIG-B and SMPTE linear/longitudinal timecode 
(LTC) formats to function as clocks. IRIG-B decoding supports the 1 kHz 
modulated and unmodulated formats. SMPTE decoding supports 
30 f/s, 25 f/s and 24 f/s, NDF (non-drop frame). Standard power 
connection and BNC connection for the LTC are provided. 

All configuration of the TCD is available via the USB interface and 
a Windows®-based application TCD set. Configurations made 


  • Day of Year display
  • Time or Date display
  • Leading zero-suppression option
  • 24- or 12-hour display mode
  • AM/PM indicator (12-hour mode)
  • +12 to -11 hour time zone offsets
  • Automatic daylight saving time adjustments for US/Canada 
  • Time and date retained during loss of power and/or timecode 
    using a battery-backed real-time clock (RTC) and 
    maintenance-free rechargeable battery
  • Automatic level adjustment to incoming timecode signals
  • Automatic detection of timecode type and date encoding availability
  • Programmable time and date when timecode not present
  • 2.3 in. (5.8 cm), 6-digit red LED
  • Syncs to IRIG-B and SMPTE, EBU non-drop frame timecodes
  • Automatic timecode type detection and input level control
  • Display date MM//DD/YY or DD/MM/YY
  • Brightness and other adjustments controllable via USB port


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