Imagine Communications GPS-3904

Skrivet av fre, 2013-09-20 09:38
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The GPS-3904 standalone GPS receiver/antenna allow the VSG-4CSD
clock system driver and the VSG-4MTG Master Timing Generator to provide
outputs with great accuracy by using the most accurate source of time used
in the public domain. A system of 24 satellites provides complete coverage
in any part of the world with information on time and position.
This makes the VSG-4CSD and VSG-4MTG totally independent from
telephone or radio receiver standards.
  • Compatible with VSG-4CSD clock system driver and VSG-4MTG
    master timing generator modules
  • Separate antenna and receiver for mounting flexibility
  • Used to remotely lock multiple reference systems
  • Continuous connection and update
  • Hardware features
  • A single, printed circuit board containing 
  • A quality ovenized oscillator
  • A 12-channel GPS receiver
  • Control circuitry
  • Easy calibration for different cable lengths
  • Output
  • 10 MHz reference signal output via BNC connector
  • One PPS output with an over-determined solution
    synchronized to GPS
  • UTC time