Imagine Communications NEXIO™ NXIQ™ Series

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Harris Near-Line/Archive Clustered Storage

The powerful NXIQ™ 1920i, 3000i and 6000i systems scale from three to 96 nodes, and from 6 TB to 1 PB in a single file system while delivering greater than 7 GBps of total aggregate throughput. The entry-level NXIQ™ 200 system scales from three to 24 nodes, and from 6 TB to 48 TB.

The heart of the NXIQ™ storage system is Isilon System’s OneFS® distributed file system, which intelligently stripes data across nodes in a cluster to create a single, shared pool of storage that can be used across a wide range of applications, including the production, analysis, delivery and archiving of unstructured and file-based data. As new nodes and capacity are added to a cluster, NXIQ™’s exclusive AutoBalance feature automatically balances data across all nodes in a cluster in real time, removing throughput bottlenecks, maximizing performance and storage utilization, and eliminating downtime.

Each modular, self-contained NXIQ™ node contains disk capacity along with a powerful storage server, CPU, memory and network connectivity, all in a compact rack-mountable system. As additional NXIQ™ platform nodes are added to a cluster, all aspects of the cluster scale linearly, including capacity, throughput, memory and CPU processing power. NEXIO™ NXIQ™ nodes automatically work together, harnessing their collective power into a single, unified storage system.

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