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Harris High-Performance Storage

NEXIO Farad™ delivers unprecedented levels of bandwidth and storage
to support demanding media workflows.
This high-performance online storage system is specifically designed
for broadcast andproduction facilities, including news,
sports and live-event applications.
NEXIO Farad provides sharable and scalable storage throughout the
content lifecycle, while offering the highest levels of digital asset protection.

Key Benefits
• Flexible capacity and bandwidth. Allows scaling of storage and bandwidth
 as your requirements grow, without affecting existing media
• High availability. Enables continuous broadcast operations, with no performance
 degradation in the event of multiple and simultaneous failures
• Facilitates collaboration. Provides true shared access for fast-turnaround editorial
 environments and shorter time to air
• Easy to manage. Allows unattended drive rebuilds, supports remote monitoring
 and diagnostics, and includes an informative graphical user interface (GUI)


  • Hundreds of terabytes of usable shared storage with RAID-601
    storage protection
  • Tens of gigabits per second of assured streaming bandwidth,
    even during degraded or rebuilding modes
  • RAID-601 provides high availability, protecting against drive,
    controller and storage chassis failures,while maintaining
    system throughput
  • NEXIO RAIDsoft™ striping increases bandwidth and patented
    NEXIO Intrinsic Mirroring™ ensures content availability
  • Configurable spare drive provisioning provides automatic drive
    failover and rebuild
  • Automatic drive rebuilds require no operator action and result in
    no performance degradation
  • High drive density with 12 3.5 in. drives (12 TB or 24 TB storage) in 2RU
  • Support for Ethernet and Fibre Channel client connections
  • Redundant, high-performance 8 Gb/s Fibre Channel connections
    per NEXIO Farad core storagesub-system,
    with redundant RAID controllers
  • Dual hot-swappable power supplies per enclosure

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