Imagine Communications NX1000FCP

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FCP Integration Gateway

The NEXIO™ NX1000FCP FCP Integration Gateway from Imagine is a specialized server used to integrate Apple® Final Cut Pro® (FCP) nonlinear editing workstations onto the NEXIO storage area network (SAN). It’s an advanced solution that simplifies the use of the popular FCP editor in television news and sports environments — or any broadcast operation seeking to benefit from the speed and resilience of the best-in-class HD/SD NEXIO server.

Communication between the SAN and FCP workstations is facilitated using the Common Internet File System (CIFS) protocol. CIFS enables direct editing on the SAN — even during ingest — as well as the sharing of media and timelines with all other on-SAN editors. FCP plug-ins — NEXIO Browser, NEXIO Export and an NRCS Tool -- are provided to enable content and metadata searches, browse viewing and shot selection, and integration of MOS newsroom computer systems.

NEXIO Browser displays a list of on-SAN content that is accessible by FCP workstations. This material is presented to FCP as if it was located on a shared network drive and is available for direct editing — without the need to copy it onto local storage. NEXIO Browser also displays standard MediaBase™ metadata, provides a preview window for quick reviewing of content, and enables immediate linking of desired content into FCP bins. Once content is selected for the bins, the full feature set of FCP is available.

• Integrates Apple® Final Cut Pro® into the NEXIO shared storage environment
• Allows editing to begin during ingest
• Eliminates the need to move files via FTP
• Simplifies media management
• Allows content playout to air as rendering is completed
• Protects content via RAIDsoft software RAID storage protection

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