Imagine Communications NX1000ICM

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Ingest Control Manager

Ingest Control Manager™ is a full-featured ingest application designed exclusively for use with NEXIO™ server systems. Intended to provide scheduled recording of line feeds and news services, it controls server channels, tape decks, routers and frame synchronizers. Device control is via Ethernet or RS-422. The application includes auto increment of IDs, which is extremely useful in crash record situations or when recording periodic events. Loop record, batch digitizing and sub clipping provide additional operational benefits. ICM v2 adds support for multiple NEXIO server domains, including scheduled protection records on different domains. Fast Cue and Timecode Restripe functions add speed and flexibility to your operational workflow.

NEXIO™ Server Channel Control.
Up to 16 channels total in up to four domains

Serial Controlled Devices.
Up to 16 devices, including VTRs and router controllers, with the following protocols:

Sony serial protocol for VTRs
Harris routers (All makes and models)

Probel routers (General Remote Control Protocol)

Sony routers (Cart +)

GVG routers (GVG-7000)

BTS routers (ASCII)

Pesa routers (CPU Link Protocol #1)

N-Vision routers (NV9000)

Evertz routers (Xenon)

Frame Synchronizers
Up to 16 devices, including the X75 as well as DPS 475 and DPS 575 frame synchronizers Controlled via Ethernet connection

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