Imagine Communications NXFS1612

Skrivet av superadmin mån, 2011-09-19 12:07
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4 Gb/s, 12-Port Fibre Channel Switch

The NXFS1612 4 Gb/s, 12-port Fibre Channel switch is a flexible solution for expanding NEXIO™ storage area network (SAN) systems.

The powerful, easy-to-use management features of the NXFS1612 — engineering quality and commitment to SNMP-standard interoperability — make it a value-packed component of the NEXIO™ shared SAN. The switch features 12 1/2/4 Gb/s Fibre Channel ports, and can be upgraded to 16- or 20-port configuration via a firmware upgrade in the field. It is ideal for facilities with high-bandwidth, high-redundancy requirements and growing channel counts.

The NXFS1612 supports NEXIO SANs running at 2 and 4 Gb/s per port. This flexibility allows all generations of NEXIO server to use the same switches. Fault tolerance is extended by employing two 4 Gb/s optical links to form a redundant pathway between the switches — a configuration that uses two of the 12 ports on each switch.

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