Imagine Communications NXFS1644

Skrivet av superadmin mån, 2011-09-19 12:09
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4 Gbps/16 port FC Fabric Switch

The NXFS1644 16-port 4Gbps Fibre Channel switch for the high-performance NEXIO™ series Storage Area Network (SAN) establishes a new standard for bandwidth, channel capacity and reliability. Offering a flexible solution for expanding the NEXIO™ shared storage SAN, the NXFS1644 is ideal for those facilities with high-bandwidth and channel count, and high- redundancy requirements. Four 10-Gbps ISL (InterLink Switch) ports provide redundant data paths where two NXFS1644s are connected together for redundancy. The NXFS1644's powerful, easy-to-use management features — engineering quality and commitment to SNMP-standard interoperability — make it a value-packed component of the NEXIO™ shared SAN. The NXFS1644 increases the effective port count from 14 to 16 over the NXFS1622 because there are additional 10Gbps ports to handle the interlink switch ports for redundancy. A separate fail-over-kit is no longer needed.

Initial release of the NXFS1644 supports NEXIO™ SAN's running at 2Gbps per port. When NEXIO™ server platforms, editing platforms, and storage arrays support 4Gbps Fibre Channel interface, the NXFS1644 can be configured for 4Gbps operation.

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