Imagine Communications UDC-RCU

Skrivet av fre, 2013-09-20 08:11
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The UDC-RCU provides dual functionality. It can be used as an
up/down counter on the desktop, or as a remote control unit for the
DTD-A19B2 digital time display.

The UDC-RCU provides an up counter, down counter with stopwatch
or set limit functionality, and can also be used as a clock. 

Large, lighted control buttons and the six-digit LED readout make using 
the UDC-RCU easy and error free. The rubber feet make the unit ideal 
for desktop use and provide a stable platform for operation.
  • Up/down timer remote control for the DTD-A19B2 digital clock
  • Functions include
  • count down timer
  • count up timer (stopwatch or limit)
  • clock
  • Illuminated buttons indicating function currently in use
  • Six-digit LED display shows the display on the remote clock(s)
  • One or multiple clocks can be controlled simultaneously for like events (up/down, starting and stopping simultaneously)
  • RS-485 communication to DTD-A19B2 digital clock