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The Videotek® CMVS-DVI or CMVS-SDI test set ordering package is two
products;the VSG-401 and the CMN-41-3GB or the CMN-MV-3GB mounted
in a dual rack mount DRT-4 chassis in 1RU. The CMN compact monitor
and VSG-401 will support dual-link, 3G/HD/SD-SDI signal formats and
provide test signals andBlack burst or Tri level sync to test the system
signal path integrity.
Part of the Videotek Compact Monitor Series, the unit is small in size and light
in weight, making it a perfect fit for all broadcast television, mobile truck and
post production environments. The CMN-41-3GB provides a DVI-D output to
connect to any standard DVI-D monitor for display of waveform, vector, timing,
audio and other displays.

The CMN-MV-3GB provides the displayed output as
a 720p 60 Hz format HD-SDI signal on a BNC connector that can be used to
display the information on a SDI monitor or send it to a router or multiviewer.
The displayed output of the CMN-41-3GB and the CMN-MV-3GB are the
same only the output format is different for different applications.
The CMN-41-3GB or the CMN-MV-3GB specifications.
The VSG-401 provides four copies of the SDI test signal output with selectable
format, frame rate and signal type, and up to 16 channels of embedded audio,
with group enabled settings and global settings for amplitude and frequency.

There are two AES outputs, with one output selectable as word clock or digital
audio reference signal (DARS). Also included are two copies of the sync output
selectable as blackburst or tri-level sync along with a looping reference input
that accepts blackburst or tri-level sync.
The test signal outputs on the VSG-401 allow source ID selection up to
19 characters. Users can add continuous motion of a bouncing block to any
test pattern except check field.
The CMVS-DVI or the CMVS-SDI are combinations of the CMN-41-3GB and
the VSG-401 or the CMN-MV-3GB and the VSG-401 mounted in the Dual Rack
tray DRT-4.  Below are the features of the individual products in this ordering

More information can be found at: 
The CMN-41-3GB or the CMN-MV-3GB specifications.
The VSG-401 specifications.
VSG-401 features:
  • Small form factor
  • Four outputs (two for dual link), selectable as 3 Gb/s, HD, SD or DL
  • Two blackburst or tri-level sync outputs
  • Two AES/EBU outputs
  • Up to 16 channels of embedded audio test signals
  • Selectable audio level and frequency
  • 19-character source ID can be added to test signals
  • Genlock to standard color black or tri-level sync
  • Ethernet port for updates and web browser
CMN-41 and CMN-MV features
  • Supports 3G/HD/SD-SDI inputs
  • Metering of all 16 channels of embedded audio
  • Quad display of audio, picture, waveform and vector
  • Thumbnail picture with adjustable size and position
  • Waveform display of external reference or LTC input
  • Overlay display with independent size and position of waveform, vector and picture
  • 99 presets
  • Standard four-pin XLR DC power input (AC adapter supplied)
  • Convection cooled, silent operation (no fan)
  • Front-panel headphone jack
  • Front-panel USB port for save/recall of presets, screen captures and SDI captures