JVC Professional DT-V24L3DU

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JVC Professional


Designed for critical image evaluation, the upgraded DT-V24L3D offers all features of its predecessor (DT-V24L1DU) with improved performance and the addition of a waveform monitor. The DT-V24L3DU has a true native pixel-to-pixel 1080p image display with additional screen area for status indications, waveform and audio monitoring. Built-in digital HD-SDI and DVI-D interfaces provide lossless connection to broadcast and studio sources. Superior scaling and de-interlacing, 10-bit 1080p processing combined with traditional rotary image controls, area markers, blue check and timecode display make the DT-V24L3DU the best choice monitor for television studios, remote production vans, production and post facilities, and other demanding professional applications.

• Native 1920 x 1080 resolution 16:9 Flat Studio Monitor
• Crystal clear 1920 x 1200 LCD panel provides uncompromised resolution, high contrast ratio with deep blacks and rich color
• Status and metering displayed above or below the active picture area.
• New low-latency circuits (<1 frame)
• HD-SDI / SDI auto-sensing inputs with Time-Code Display
• Waveform monitoring with over level function
• Accepts 1080/24psf signals
• Embedded Audio with up to 12 channel Audio Level Display
• DVI-D (HDMI compatible) for HD-DVD / Blu-Ray Disc playback
• 1:1 Scaling Mode for pixel-to-pixel 720p display
• Supports wide range of HD and computer scan rates
• Full screen mode for SD 4:3 signals
• ASCII code input of monitor name

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