Kroma Telecom LM3018A11

Skrivet av superadmin fre, 2011-09-16 09:04

Kroma Telecom 18'' Monitor 1280x1024 4:3

KROMA LM3000 Series monitors are the inexpensive line with a quality and resolution equal to the 6000 Series, designed for PAL and SD-SDI settings. Including analogue and SD-SDI inputs by default. Monitors available in two formats: with and without key-pads. This allows individual configuration through the controls or simultaneous system configuration through remote control.

  • 8 U high
  • Contrast: 300:1
  • Brightness: 240 cd/m2
  • switchable 4:3/16:9
  • 2 multi-standard composite video inputs with loop
  • 2 SDI inputs with pasive loop
  • PiP, markers, safe area
  • Tally tri-color
  • 1 stereo input and built-in speaker.

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