Kroma Telecom QS46

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46" Quad Split Monitor 1920x1080

KROMA QS series is composed of three models in 18.5",
24" and 46”. With 8 PAL/SD/HD-SDI autosensing inputs
and 2xDVI inputs, the monitors can show 4 of these signals
at a time. Select among the inputs available with the front
panel controls, and choose the layout that suits you best.
Additional features such as dynamic In-monitor displays
(IMD) and tally, VU-metres (for embedded and analogue
audio), and LTC are also included, as well as a complete
alarm system independent for each of the signals.

Resolution: 1920x1080, Contrast: 2000:1, Brightness:
450 cd/m2, 8 Composite/SD-SDI autosensing inputs
and 2xDVI-I inputs (for PC connection and YPbPr
components). Dynamic in-monitor display (IMD) and
tally and and LTC. Audio de-embedder and 4 analogue
audio inputs, with on-screen audiobars and built-in speaker.
Internal PSU. 

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