Kroma Telecom TBM-170G

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17" TrueBLACK 1208x768 monitor

The new TrueBLACK series from KROMA is based on a new
generation of LCD screens with IPS-Pro technology. Developed
originally for medical applications, this technology provides a
better display of black, improved uniformity of colours and
better performance in wide angles. These features, close to
those of a reference monitor, make these monitors suitable
for applications that require high performance screens, such
as camera control. The monitors, prepared for new generation
facilities with 3G- SDI inputs available, work with the well known
input activation system from the 7000 series

6 RU high, IPS-Pro LCD panel with LED backlight with resolution:
1280x768, contrast: 1000:1, brightness: 500 cd/m2. DVI-I input
(DVI digital + YPbPr), HDMI input, 2xSD-SDI inputs with active
loop-though. Analogue audio input, audio de-embedder, analogue
and AES-EBU audio outputs, speaker, vumeters, IMD, dual tally,
waveform, vectorscope, remote control via Ethernet, PiP, PbP.

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