Microvideo INS-DTG

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Microvideo Digital Teletext Subtitle Encoder

The Microvideo Digital Teletext Subtitle Encoder INS-DTG, accepts subtitle data directly from a computer via an RS232 / RS422 interface. Using this data it constructs the teletext packet for the subtitle, synthesizes the waveform, and inserts it on a single VBI line into a serial digital video signal. This eliminates the need to have an analogue teletext signal generated in a digital stream, and therefore has the advantages of digitally defined signal levels and timing. The Encoder inserts the subtitle on any line, selectable from the front panel.
A selection of apology captions are built in and may be triggered from the front panel. A number of hardware and software options are available to provide complete flexibility in using the INS-DTG. The teletext packet and waveform conform fully with the European teletext standard ETS 300-706.
There is support for a number of established subtitle data protocols, and the Microvideo proprietary protocol is available to subtitle software vendors. Please contact Microvideo for a list of protocols and software packages supporting the encoder.

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