Nexio Velocity ESX™

Skrivet av tors, 2012-12-06 10:35
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On-SAN Editor

 Nexio Velocity ESX™ is a full-featured, HD/SD, high-resolution news,
sports and production editing solution for the NEXIO® shared
storage system. The editor operates directly on shared storage,
utilizing the robust NEXIO architecture and a powerful user interface.

Velocity ESX can start editing HD and SD media the moment ingest
begins, while the Harris Edit and Media ID technology delivers the
industry’s quickest way to minimize time and re-rendering between
content access and air.
Format flexibility allows the use of all common file types in their
native form, as well as intelligent import to the NEXIO SAN
environment. Output to the web and mobile devices in a variety
of formats is intuitively integrated as part of the high-resolution
output. The system also integrates fully with newsroom computer
systems such as AP ENPS® and Avid iNEWS®, enabling a truly
collaborative newsroom environment.