Nexio Velocity XNG

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Nexio Velocity XNG
Field Editor

Velocity XNG™ is a software-based HD and SD field editor designed for
use on a laptop. It is a member of the NewsForce™ family of Velocity™
editors, all of which deliver exceptionally fast completion to air.
Utilizing powerful software codecs and effects processing, Velocity XNG
allows operators to complete their edits using the fully featured user interface.
Concise audio controls, numerous transitions and advanced video effects
are all available and easy to use.


  • Access to all shared content on the NEXIO SAN using the Harris MediaBase™ content management system
  • Pull content from the SAN for editing in the field
  • NRCS integration with AP ENPS® and Avid iNEWS®, including script-based
    editing with audio voice over and read-rate-based prompter
  • Integrated codecs and viewers for Panasonic® P2, DVCPRO HD and
    AVC-Intra™, Sony® XDCAM®, XDCAM HD, XDCAM HD422,
    and XDCAM EX formats
  • Baseband input and output with select third-party FireWire™ devices
  • DV and HDV capture and print to tape
  • Import and Export of EDL, AAF, OMF, BXF and Apple® Final Cut Pro® XML files
  • Import and Export of common audio, video, and graphic file formats
  • Shared projects, settings and user profiles
  • Manage and protect media, projects, render files, settings, and presets
  • User profile-based, customizable window layout, hotkeys and settings
  • Optional integration with NEXIO® InstantOnline III™ auto-conform engine
  • Optional global proxy encoder and global proxy MediaBase viewer


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