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NEXIO Volt™ compact transmission server addresses the need for a smallform-factor, high-performance baseband
video server.

Available in two versions:

  1. Integrated storage or shared storage
  2. NEXIO Volt servers offer support for up to four mixed SD/HD baseband
    channels in a 1RU package.

From ingest to transmission, the NEXIO Volt server delivers the exceptional reliability,flexibility and format transparency that today’sbroadcast operations demand.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduced TCO - Increase channel density, use less power and generate less heat
    with up to four channels per rack unit
  • Flexible configurations and capacities - Choose the right mix of HD and/or SD
    channels and software to fit today’s requirements, with easy upgrades
    to meet future requirements
  • On-air reliability - Protect media assets with redundant and hot-swap
    components, as well as patented RAID storage protection for
    uninterrupted video access


  • Up to 4 SD/HD channels in a 1RU platform
  • A variety of software-licensed configurations from 2 to 4 SD/HD channels
  • Ingest and playback of SD (525i/625i) and HD (1080i, 720p) content on
    the same chassis
  • [Optional]  baseband ingest and playout support for Avid DNxHD®
    native editing codec
  • [Optional]  file ingest and baseband playout support for the popular H.264 codec
  • Shared storage version with direct access to NEXIO® true shared storage, which can scale to hundreds of channels
  • Patented Intrinsic Mirroring™ support for complete shared storage redundancy
  • Integrated storage version with RAID-protected storage of video and audio essence
  • Fault tolerance through dual hot-swappable power supplies and RAIDsoft™ software RAID management system
  • NEXIO FTP Server for file-based ingest and export
  • Content transfer of MXF, QuickTime®, AVI, GXF, Pinnacle, MPEG and native LXF format files
  • NEXIO Playlist™ event sequencing for playing content to air
    (optional for shared storage version)
  • NEXIO Remote™ for manual ingest, playout and media management control
  • Agile, integrated software codecs, supporting a wide range of formats including DV, MPEG-2, IMX, Avid DNxHD® , Sony® XDCAM® HD, H.264, DVCPRO HD,
    and Panasonic® AVC-Intra™
  • Software-based up/down/cross conversion
  • Aspect ratio conversion
  • SMPTE 2016 and ATSC TSG-814 AFD support
  • Discontinuous timecode support
  • Dolby® Digital and Dolby® E pass-through
  • Support for a wide range of automation, archiving and media management applications
  • Redundant Ethernet switch support
  • Support for NEXIO AMP Track Router, which provides control of audio track tagging, addition, deletion, shuffling, and playback routing; also enables
    import, export and management of closed caption files

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