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A new addition to the NEXIO® product family, NEXIO Volt™ SSD
(Solid-State Drive) is a high-performance baseband video server
equipped with extremely reliable,energy-efficient integrated media
The SSD technology delivers reductions in operating costs and further
elevates the server’s reliability.
The NEXIO Volt SSD server offers support for up to four mixed SD/HD
baseband channels in a 1RU package.

Built from the same technology as the award-winning NEXIO AMP®
advanced media platform, the NEXIO Volt SSD server includes built-in
RAID-protected media storage for video and audio essence.
Solid-state drives improve reliability and increase performance, with
RAID protection adding greater peace of mind for long-term operation
of the server.
This makes the NEXIO Volt SSD server ideal for applications including
lights-out operations, disaster recovery, delay, edge server, on-air
cache, production playout, and ingest to archive.

Environmental considerations are an essential part of the
NEXIO Volt server design.
As well as the inherent energy-efficient nature of SSD technology,
new high-performance, low-power processors further reduce
power consumption and heat generation.
A strong industrial design concept enhances structural integrity and
decreases weight, while reducing materials and coatings used in

The NEXIO Volt SSD server is ready to use in a variety of broadcast
This is possible due to industry-standard VDCP support and the
bundled media applications.
The server comes with the NEXIO Playlist™ event sequencing
application for playing content to air, and NEXIO Remote™
for ingest, playout and media management.
Both media applications control the server over a local area network (LAN).

The NEXIO FTP Server is provided to support file-based workflows.
FTP via Ethernet connectivity supports network devices such as
shared folders and near-line storage systems.
Import and export of data to external devices is also facilitated
through front and rear USB 2.0.


  • Highly reliable solid-state boot drive for operating system and software
    and solid-state media drives for increased performance
  • Optional baseband ingest and playout support for Avid Technology’s
    native editing codec, DNxHD
  • Optional file ingest and baseband playout support for the popular
    H.264 codec
  • Up to 4 HD/SD channels in a 1RU platform
  • A variety of software-licensed configurations from 2 SD/HD channels
    to 4 SD/HD channels
  • Ingest and playback of SD (525i/625i) and HD (1080i, 720p)
    content on the same chassis
  • Integrated RAID-protected storage of video and audio essence
  • Fault tolerance through dual hot-swappable power supplies and
    RAIDsoft™ software RAID management system
  • NEXIO FTP Server for file-based ingest and export
  • NEXIO Playlist event sequencing for playing content to air
  • NEXIO Remote for manual ingest, playout and media management control
  • Agile, integrated software codecs, supporting a wide range of formats
  • Software-based up/down/cross conversion with aspect ratio conversion
    and SMPTE 2016 and ATSC TSG-814 AFD support
  • Dolby® Digital and Dolby® E pass-through
  • Support for a wide range of automation, archiving and media management applications
  • Software upgrade that enables the server to connect to the NEXIO shared
    storage system


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