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Optical Power Splitter, 50% Split

The OBS+OP+5050D optical protection switch and 5050 
power splitter represent integral parts of an end to end optical
fiber network design, and provide path redundancy and
network resiliency.
The 5050 power splitter and protection switch are critical in 
redundant path optical fiber network design or for optical signal
monitoring purposes where the power budget allows for a 50%
loss of power.
Product Features
  • Intelligent autoswitching and autochangeover
  • Programmable switching threshold and changeover hysteresis 
  • Comprehensive signal and card status monitoring
  • Singlemode fiber support
  • Multiple wavelength support (1260 to 1610 nm range)
  • Standard SMPTE SC/PC optical connectors
  • Full hotswapping capability with no fiber disconnection/reconnection required
  • Capability of supporting single optical wavelengths at 1310 nm, 1550 nm, or
    up to 16 CWDM wavelengths (ITUTG.694.2 compliant)

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