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AutoSensing 3G/HD/SD Demultiplexer with 8 AES Outputs with Optical Receiver
The OP+HDX 3G/HD/SD deembedder module for the 6800+™ frame
has up to eight AES outputs and a video processing amplifier.
It allows control over the video while functioning as a deembedded audio
processor for hotswitching deembedded audio. This new module provides
full audio delay, audio processing and the ability to deembed metadata to
external sources. The OP+HDX is ideal for any broadcast operation where
the deembedding of audio from HD or SD video signals is required or
where SD or HD video and (embedded and/or discrete) audio signals are
The OP+HDX+R+D version includes a fiber submodule that will allow
the addition of an optical receiver to complement the electrical inputs.