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Dual HD/8 SD TDM Fiber Transmitter and Receiver

The OP+HMT/OP+HDR modules provide high-density transport of digital video signals over fiber using Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) technology. These modules are capable of transporting up to two HD-SDI or eight SD-SDI/DVB-ASI* signals over a single optical fiber.
Occupying two slots within the 6800+ frame, this solution allows for up to 20 independent HD-SDI or 80 independent SD-SDI/DVB-ASI signals in a single 2RU frame.

A pair of OP+HMT/ OP+HDR modules can transport:

•Two x HD-SDI
•One x HD-SDI plus four x SD-SDI

Fiber optic transmitters are available in both 1310 nm FP and 16 (Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing) CWDM DFB wavelengths. Fiber optic receivers are available in both PIN (standard) and APD (high sensitivity) options.