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8-Channel 1.5 Gb/s HDSDI (or 4Channel 3 Gb/s HDSDI) Output, TDM Fiber Receiver
With the introduction of the OP+TDMT/R+8 family of fiber products,
Imagine Communications now offers the highestdensity signal transport
over fiber in the market. Built to reside in the 6800+™ modular core processing
platform, the OP+TDMT/R+8 products transport up to eight streams of 1.5 Gb/s
HDSDI signals by using the time division multiplexing (TDM) approach.
Multiplexing technologies are implemented across the Imagine Communications
fiber optic portfolio, allowing for costeffective and expandable designs.
The OP+TDMT/R+8 products are ideal for applications handling a high volume
of signals for mediumand longhaul transport..

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