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Autosensing, bidirectional analog/SD/HD video and
4x analog audio, 2x RS­232/422/485, 
Ethernet fiber transceiver
The OP+VTX transceiver module enables professional broadcast­quality
transport of duplex video, audio and ancillary data over a single fiber optic
Every module contains both transmitter and receiver blocks. Occupying
two slots within a 6800+™ frame, the OP+VTX supports one autosensing
mixed video channel and two analog audio channels.
Additionally, the OP+VTX supports one 10/100 Base­T Ethernet and two
RS­232/RS422/RS485 serial data communication ports.
Available in both 1310nm and CWDM wavelengths, the OP+VTX module is
ideal for any facility — from broadcast and post­production to satellite,
cable and telco — that requires the transport of analog composite or SDI
video and analog audio signals over fiber optic lines.

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