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Playmaker - Instant replay, slow motion server with editing tools

 The PlayMaker sport replay server now offers support for super slow-motion
and 3-D stereoscopic productions based on it’s up to eight-channel server in
a compact 3RU chassis.

PlayMaker can reduce production costs because fewer servers and operators
are needed.
PlayMaker can ingest six cameras or combine a 75-frame super slow-motion
camera with three additional cameras. Another configuration enables ingest
of two 75-frame super slow-motion cameras on one server.

All configurations include preview/program outputs or two program outputs.
Each PlayMaker server can be controlled by one or two separate controllers,
each assigned with its own output while sharing the same clips and playlist

PlayMaker is a multi channel, SD/HD, slow-motion video server designed to
meet the growing challenges of live sport productions. PlayMaker provides
high quality Motion JPEG2000 ingest, synchronized slow motion replay, and
powerful yet simple editing tools.

PlayMaker's controller is designed to enhance the production workflow, while
providing the operator with familiar and intuitive surroundings.

The PlayMaker Controller advanced architecture provides a user-friendly
display, local database management, and sophisticated sorting tools.

Equipped with a 5.7 inch touch screen, PlayMaker allows quick and easy
access to the server controls and configuration tools. Sort lists by selecting
relevant columns, type in text using the virtual keyboard, and control the entire
setup from the touch screen.

The PlayMaker controller includes a heavy-duty and configurable Jog and
T-bar, and highly reliable, 3 million-operation tactile buttons.

With its synchronized recording of inputs, once an "in" point is set, switching
to a different input re-cues to the same "in" point, allowing replay of the same
event from all recorded inputs. If necessary, different "in" and "out" points can
be set for each input.

Preparing a playlist is also simple and intuitive. Users can set the clip's
position in the list, trim the clips "in" and "out" points, switch the input, set
different playout speeds and transitions for each clip, etc.

In order to provide the best available image quality, motion-JPEG2000
encoders are used. The JPEG2000 fast encoders also provide very short
latency, which makes PlayMaker very responsive to operator commands.

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