Panasonic AK-HC1500

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2/3" 3-CCD 16:9 1080i/720p HD Multi-Purpose Camera

Three 2/3" IT CCD image sensors with 1 megapixel and on-chip lens technology for high sensitivity
• 2/3" IT-3CCD multi-purpose HD Box Camera
• Compatible with all HD video formats
• 14-Bit A/D converter and new DSP provide clear, sharp image from dark to bright areas
• Features a variable frame rate function and a cine gamma curve

The AK-HC1500 debuts as the first multi-purpose camera to feature a variable frame rate function and a cine gamma curve.
Multi-format support for worldwide HD video from live relays to scientific analysis to low-right recording Small size and light weight make the AK-HC1500 easy to mount and operate on a pan-tilt head
Can be used as an all-conditions camera for use in e.g. weather broadcasting when placed in a waterproof housing (AW-PH650)

• Lens mount: 2/3" Bayonet type
• Optical filter: (ND) 100%, 25%, 6.3%, 1.6%
• Standard sensitivity of F10.0 at 2,000 lx
• Features Variable Frame Rate and Cine Gamma Curve
• GBR Image sensing method
• Total number of pixels: 1,370 (H) x 744 (V)
• 2/3" bayonet lens connector (standard)
Output format:

The AK-HC1500 can vary the number of frames per second (4 fps to 60fps) which lets you use the distinctive undercranking and overcranking speed effects of film cameras.

• Gain: 72 dB S/N 54 dB
• Smear level of less than -130 dB

Synchronize System:
• Internal and external synchronization (Tri-level SYNC/Black Burst)

Suitable for a remote operation.
Delivers clear, high-contrast images thanks to a 14bit A/D converter and a new adaptive function that varies the gamma correction to match the contrast within the image

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