Pebble Beach Systems Deckchair

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Pebble Beach System

Pebble Beach Systems Deckchair Station Automation System

DeckChair is an automation solution matched to the new generation of small video servers being launched by the major specialist manufacturers. Pebble Beach Systems has designed a specific automation software package based upon its Neptune product to provide a true Broadcast pedigree tailored product at a very competitive price.

DeckChair is compact, occupying 3RU of rack space. It hosts Device Control, Database, and Client and provides up to 3 fully featured on-air channels. It shows its Neptune roots with proven on-air reliability and a wide range of features that will allow users to deliver professional on-air programming.

Recognizing that these small servers have expansion capabilities, DeckChair is available in six pre-configured options and customers can expand their systems at a fixed cost in line with the capabilities of their video servers. Systems are provided pre-loaded with a full set of device drivers allowing future expansion using a simple upgrade package. New drivers are immediately available and ready to go.

DeckChair supports control of VTRs for ingest and playout, routing systems, video server encoders and decoders using industry standard VDCP protocol resulting in easy interoperability with a wide range of products. It provides various options for secondary device control using either simple GPI triggers or dedicated on-air graphics device. DeckChair also includes scheduled recording for users wishing to do automatic unattended ingest of live feeds. Even content delivered using FTP by third parties onto the server is automatically detected and can be made available for Playout.

Included with DeckChair is a 1 year warranty that covers both hardware and software. Each system is supplied with a CD so that customers can restore their systems back to the original factory settings.

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