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Pebble Beach System

Pebble Beach Systems Enteprise Level Automation

Marina was developed to allow the end user to select the best underlying technology to suit your specific needs, enabling you to tackle today's complex changing workflows whilst retaining the ability to mix basic 'pass-through' style channels with difficult 'labour intensive' channels within a single system. The system is fully Unicode compliant, thereby enabling the entire user interface to be localized in any language.

Marina has been specifically designed for large-scale multichannel operations and for users who require complete language localisation. It provides full exploitation of native API device control and offers close integration Anchor Media Management system for file based workflows and direct nearline and data tape library archive control.

  • The facility to offer a very high density of channels per operator
  • An intuitive user interface that provides the ultimate in operator information concerning event status and user customisation, including a confidence preview
  • Dynamic allocation and sharing of devices across multiple playlists and multiple device servers to optimise device usage
  • Virtualisation of systems into zones that allow certain content and playlists to only be seen by specific operators
  • User rights management with specific log on permissions and access, and operator traceability for individual users or groups
  • Dynamic audio track control for multi lingual services
  • A powerful Playlist engine that provides for very short clip playback
  • Complete flexibility of secondary event management.
  • Full Unicode compliancy - providing not just certain database fields in a foreign alphabet but the entire user interface to be in a localized language
  • Alternative operating systems to Windows for device control
  • Servers designated as List Controllers can each host up to 16 Playlists and any number can be added to the system
  • Scaleable architecture
  • Real Time device control
  • Redundant configurations
  • BXF, MXF,AAF,V-ISAN compliant
  • Very short clip playback via API server control
  • Full API device controller
  • Single centralised mirrored full SQL database
  • Database compatibility with Neptune, and simple migration path
  • Interface to EPGs

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