Pebble Beach Systems Neptune Lite

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Pebble Beach System

Pebble Beach Systems Neptune Lite Station Automation System

Neptune Lite is an entry-level automation solution that has been designed to meet the needs of the small broadcast operation. It provides frame accurate, reliable and easy-to-use playout and ingest tools that can be used to run up to four television channels.

Neptune Lite is built using modern software technology and runs on the latest PC hardware platforms. It uses the industry standard Windows 2000 or XP operating systems and has a user-friendly Windows user interface.

The base package includes a Client and a Device Controller, which controls the broadcast devices via RS422 or network interfaces. The Client is multi-functional, providing an intuitive user interface from which operators can control transmission, ingest material, perform media management and monitor status using different panels. The Device Controller communicates to the Clients via Pebble Beach's powerful TCP/IP protocol.

Neptune Lite shares the same core technology of Neptune, Pebble Beach Systems' full-scale multi-channel automation solution. Therefore, small broadcasters can begin operations with an Neptune Lite system, which can be upgraded to Neptune whenever they need it without loosing any of their initial investment.

A separate housekeeper hosts the system database and generates logs. Neptune Lite can optionally work with Anchor Media Manager to enable intelligent direct media control and tracking across near line storage and stand alone data tape drives.

Neptune Lite can be upgraded to Neptune.

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