PlayBox Technology HD-ING

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PlayBox Technology PlayBox HD Ingest Server

The PlayBox HD/SD Video Ingest Server HD-ING is a key component of the PlayBox HD server line. PlayBox modular and scalable server solution enables systems to be built in incremental steps, making it easy to add channels, bandwidth and storage in a manageable and economic way.

The HD-ING server provides universal SD and HD MPEG2 content ingest and re-streaming. 24/7 unattended operation, reliable batch and scheduled capturing are the typical highlights of the PlayBox HD/SD Ingest Server.
Server Highlights
3RU RackMount Server with 584 GB Internal Storage:
MPEG2 HD video - 20h at 60 Mbit/sec or 40h at 30 Mbit/sec;
MPEG2 SD video - 80h at 15 Mbit/sec or 150h at 8 Mbit/sec;
DV video - 50h at 25 Mbit/sec
Bitrate: Up to 300Mbit/s MPEG2 HP@HL (4:2:2);
Video Inputs: HD/SD SDI;
Audio Inputs: 8x balanced AES/EBU & 16x Embedded audio;
Power Supply: 2+1 Redundant.

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