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PlayBox Technology Programme Planning/Scheduling, Advertising Sales, Reporting & Invoicing

Targeted at broadcasters who need TV business management solutions, TrafficBox has all the features for program planning, traffic scheduling and advertising sales operations.

When PlayBox TrafficBox is installed and used together with the PlayBox Automation System, there are numerous advantages for the user as each query and command from/to the traffic and automation systems is confirmed or alarmed by 2x way communication routines. This high level of integration offers numerous advantages in the overall management of the TV Channel:

- Offers the sales department to sell and insert advertisement slots down to the last minute prior to going ON-AIR

- Allows the programming department to modify active rundowns without the involvement of the MCR personnel

- Reduces the time required from the operators when going through their everyday tasks

- Eliminates chances for mistakes caused by human error

- PlayBox as single provider of complete TV broadcast technology represents single point of technical support and Sw/Hw maintenance

The traffic management system is a client-server application based on MS SQL database. Unlimited clients can access the server and all data can be entered, saved and modified centrally here.

TrafficBox allows new & existing broadcasters to achieve more efficient workflow.

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