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Media Analysis Server

As broadcasters continue the transition to digital, the television production process is increasingly conducted in an all-digital domain — from the initial camera shot to the display in the consumer’s living room. Compressed digital content is stored as large media files on server networks and produced in a wide variety of file formats, standards and compression algorithms. In such a demanding, fluid environment, quality control operators are under more pressure than ever to guarantee the integrity of digital files before playout and ensure content is reaching viewers in top quality.

QuiC™ Media Analysis Server is a fully automated, file-based test and measurement server platform that verifies the quality of compressed digital content. With QuiC, broadcasters have a more efficient, consistent and cost-effective method of analyzing a long list of parameters in many different formats — before the content is distributed.

Supported file formats include:
• MPEG2/IMX 50
• DV25
• DVCPRO 100
• MPEG4 - H.264
• Compressed SD & HD

Video Alarm Capabilities include:
• RGB Gamut Upper
• RGB Gamut Lower
• Luma Gamut Upper
• Luma Gamut Lower
• Composite Peak Upper
• Composite Peak Lower
• Letter Box (SD)
• Pillar Box (HD)
• Picture Shift (asymmetrical blanking)
• Color bar detection
• Quantization error detection
• Freeze Detect
• Blurriness Detection
• Top Field — Bottom Field Detect
• Time Code Detect
• Closed Captioning Detect

Audio Alarm Capabilities include:
• Peak Audio
• Audio Phase
• Loss of Sound
• Continuous Tone
• Mute
• Low Audio
• High Average Audio
• Dolby® Format Change
• Loudness Analysis ITU-R-BS Standard-1770
• Loudness Correction

Time Code Parameters Monitored:
• Loss of Time Code
• Time Code Continuity

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