Ross Furio Dolly-system

Skrivet av tis, 2012-02-21 11:24
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The Furio Robo dolly system is a complete, system including dolly,
telesco pic lift and PTZ head. Just add rails, a control system and 
integrate into your production studio.

FurioMoves "On-air" Camera Moves
The Furio Robo dolly system gives you the ability to deliver smooth
and repeatable "on-air" camera moves. An unlimited number of moves
and position pre-sets can be recorded so signature visual images can
be called upon and repeated consistently any and every time.

Multi-Camera IP-Based Control 

Furio Robo features touch screen based multi-camera control.
Control an unlimited number of dollies and cameras from one central
user interface. The system is fully IP-based. Once the Furio robotics
and control system are connected to a standard Ethernet switch,
you are ready to roll. Configuration, upgrade and diagnostics are
integrated through a web interface.

Quiet Wheels 

Dolly wheels are cut in half and equipped with 4 high precision ball
bearings acting as a differential. This allows one side of the wheel to
rotate at a different speed than the other to prevent disruptive
noise through a curve.

Precision Track

Custom designed aluminum track is available in matte black and
are back-lash free with pin and cone connections. Tracks are available
in straight lengths of 2m (6 ft) and with curves of various diameters.
These can be combined into an endless variety of configuration
possibilities to fit into almost any studio environment.

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