Ross Furio RC Joystick Control

Skrivet av tis, 2012-02-21 11:46
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The Furio RC-Console is the central control desk for the
Furio Remote Controlled Dolly System. The touch screen
allows the operator to set speed, damping and limits for
each axis of the system (track, lift, pan, tilt, roll, zoom
and focus). It can also be used to control a standalone
Furio RC-Head that is not dolly mounted.

The FZ-Control component offers control of focus and zoom
of Canon and Fujinon Analog and Digital lenses. Zoom speed
control and Focus / Zoom inverse are available.
The Touchscreen component is a rudgedized 5.7″ backlit touch
screen interface for setting dolly, track, lift, pan and tilt speeds
and damping. Set soft limits and save settings through this
easy-to-use interface.
The Joystick component is a 3-axis high precision joystick that
controls pan, tilt, and roll. It also provides a switch control
to reset the roll horizon.