Ross Furio Smartshell Touchscreen Control GUI

Skrivet av tis, 2012-02-21 11:38
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The Furio SmartShell Touch Screen Control GUI sets a new
benchmark for controlling robotic camera systems.
SmartShell enables the Easy creation, storing and managemen
t of an unlimited number of camera positions and movements,
which can be played back reliably, simultaneously, and live-on-air.
It's the most simplified and straightforward solution to complex
Studio Automation and Multi-Camera Control. SmartShell is easy,
intuitive and user-friendly, ensuring any camera operator will get
along well with the power and sophistication hidden within.
Program Presets and Moves 
Users can add presets and program complex on-air camera moves.
Operators can set joystick control speed, damping and limits.

FurioMoves - Drag & Drop to Program Camera Moves 
Once camera presets are set, the user can drag these presets into
a timeline which act as camera position "keyframes". The time
(distance) between these keyframes can be added. Upon execution,
the robotic camera system will perform an interpolated move between presets.
These moves provide a huge opportunity for creativity
– and the ability to push your production look forward.

Verify Moves 
The verify function is used to check if your move can physically be
executed by the system. This eliminates moves that cannot be executed
by the system due to the limitations imposed by Newtonian physics.
For example, when the presets are set too far away and need to
be reached in too short a time.
Thumbnail Server 
The Thumbnail Server option can be added to the SmartShell GUI.
It allows the camera operator to grab camera images from the cameras
being controlled to use as thumbnails for the presets.
Using Thumbnails for presets makes controlling the system more
intuitive in a live environment than simply shot names or numbers.
The Thumbnail Server is a 1 RU unit with a video capture card and software.
It's single input requires a router to select the correct
source to it's input prior to capture.