Ross Furio VR-1 Robothuvud

Skrivet av tis, 2012-02-21 11:33
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The Furio Robo VR-1 Robotic PTZ Head is a breakthrough in
studio automation. A robotic camera system has never been so
easy to install, commission and maintain.
Designed to be standalone or for use with a Furio Dolly System,
the robotic head accepts a 12kg / 24 lbs payload – perfect for the new
style block and EFP-ENG cameras and light weight prompting systems.
The VR-1 head can be used in either vertical orientation including
"upside down" for hanging from a ceiling or wall.
Standard with the VR-1 Robotic Head is a digital lens drive, integrated
power supply as well as the tracking output for
Virtual Studio and Augmented Reality.
IP-Based Control & Administration 
The VR-1 is a fully IP-based (Ethernet) system. Multiple heads can be
controlled with the SmartShell Robotic Control Interface, over any IP link,
between studios and control rooms, across facilities or even from the other
side of the continent. Configuration, upgrade and maintenance can be
administrated with any web browser.

  • Mounts on a tripod, pedestal, dolly with telescopic lift, dolly with fixed-height column, or inverted on the ceiling.
  • IP-based control system, RJ-45 Ethernet direct network connection.
  • Native digital lens drives for Canon, Fujinon and Angineux. No cumbersome external lens motors needed.
  • Comes with high resolution absolute encoder, standard – no zeroing or homing at startup.
  • Tracking output for Virtual Studio and Augmented Reality included standard (both UDP and serial industry standard protocols).
  • Bi-Level and Tri-Level GenLock input for sync.
  • Integrated 110/220 VAC power supply.
  • Integrated webserver for easy configuration, diagnostics, upgrade and backup.