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Ross SoftMetal Video Servers

SoftMetal Video Servers offer a flexible clip and graphics play out server for use in production or master control applications.

In production applications, SoftMetal can be systemized with and controlled by most production switchers that support the VDCP control protocol such as the Snell & Wilcox Kahuna, Sony MVS-8000 and of course our own Vision and Synergy Series Production Switchers.
SoftMetal can also be controlled from 3rd party controllers such as Hi-Tech and DNF models. The Media Manager and Play Client software applications that come with SoftMetal also provide a convenient method for controlling the SoftMetal server in production systems.
In a production setting, SoftMetal provides support for completing the graphics workflows by accepting networked transfers of Targa stills, Targa animations, QuickTime files and pre-compressed graphics and clips with available SoftMetal codecss. SoftMetal offers the ability to link Video and Alpha channel clips and adjust and lock timing for production playback, right in the server. As a multi-definition server, SoftMetal comes equipped with on-the-fly scaling on every output, converting clips from SD to HD or HD to SD automatically as they play. This feature is ideal for today’s productions, which rely on a mix of SD and HD source material.

The SoftMetal Server can also be used in a Master Control environment under control of a 3rd party automation system. In this scenario, the VDCP control protocol is used to provide access to the clips in the system. Commercials, promos and programming can be played back seamlessly from SoftMetal.
SoftMetal Architecture

• SoftMetal control is based on a client/server architecture with the client side applications written in Java and able to run on a Mac, PC or Linux computer, allowing control of the SoftMetal system from the users desktop of choice.

• IT server class components are used throughout SoftMetal servers providing a robust and reliable system with features such as mirrored system drives, RAID 5 protected media drives, redundant power supplies and hot swappable mid-chassis system fans.

• Software-based codecs provide SoftMetal with a flexible architecture that is adaptable to future compression schemes and formats as they emerge.

SoftMetal video servers are available for order in 36 different configurations, 18 standard definition models and 18 multi-definition models.

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