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MPEG-2/H.264 Contribution Decoder

The Selenio SEL-1DEC2 contribution decoder module can decode any
CODEC video streams from H.264 or MPEG-2, SD or HD in both 8 and
10 bit modes, and supports up to eight audio streams, as well as the
processing of any supporting data insertion via VBI, VANC, or Serial Data.

The decoder is built with the latest silicon architectures and provides a
high level of compatibility with the Selenio SEL-1ENC2 contribution
encoder module and other industry encoders. SEL-1ENC2 and
SEL-1DEC2 used in pair can deliver a Low Latency of 250ms guaranteed
end to end, making a perfect contribution solution for Interview or sports

Optimized for Primary contribution applications including studio-to-studio
post production, stadium, surveillance, or satellite uplinks the Selenio
SEL-1DEC2 contribution decoder delivers a full complement of features in
a space- and power-efficient footprint, and resets the standard for simplicity
in the H.264 era.

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