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MPEG-2/H.264 Universal Encoder

The Selenio SEL-1ENC1 module is among the most compact, power-efficient,
full-featured encoders on the market today.
It incorporates the latest silicon architectures to surpass the barriers inherent
in previous-generation approaches.

The Selenio encoder provides compression of a single video signal
using either the MPEG-2 or H.264 standards and compression of up to eight
streams of audio supporting a variety of common algorithms, as well as the
processing of associated VBI and VANC data.

Ideal for a broad range of applications including contribution, distribution
and final emission, as well as post production and surveillance the
Selenio SEL-1ENC1 encoder delivers a full complement of features in a
space- and power-efficient footprint, and resets the standard for simplicity
in the H.264 era.

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