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Dual-Channel Frame Sync with Advanced Audio Processing Capability

The Selenio™ SEL-1FS1 and SEL-2FS1 modules provide single-channel
and high-density dual-channel video frame synchronization with audio
timing for 3G/HD/SD/3D signals.

These modules are ideal for any broadcast, post-production, cable or
mobile facility where processing and synchronization of NTSC/PAL,
SD (480i, 576i), HD (720p, 1080i, 1080p) and 3D video and audio
(embedded and/or discrete) signals are required.

The SEL-1FS1 and SEL-2FS1 can retime an I/O signal to a local station
clock for the clean processing of all synchronized signals.

Signal processing functions include processing amplification,
color correction, clipping and logo generation/insertion.

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