Selenio FR6822+QXFE

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Selenio 2RU 6800+ Frame QSEE Compliant

The best-selling 6800+™ modular family is moving to a next-generation
platform, adding new control and monitoring features:

  • Direct Ethernet connectivity (10/100BT) to the frame (with the Ethernet
    resource card option) saves on slots, while allowing device control by
    CCS applications, HTTP web browser and SNMP third-party control
  • Internal high-speed data bus for module communication with the
    Ethernet resource card, allowing thumbnail and enhanced alarm
    monitoring on Q-SEE™-compliant modules
  • USB to replace DB-9 serial port to interface easily with modern PC’s
  • The FR6802+QXF (“QXF”) frame delivers advanced Q-SEE™
    technology in two ways:
  1. When configured with the Ethernet resource card option, the frame
    provides native support for thumbnail and user-customizable alarm
    monitoring of QSEE-compliant 6800+ modules
  2. Full Q-SEE support, including thumbnails, customizable alarms,
    waveform & vectorscope monitoring, and MPEG-4 streaming, is available
    for up to eight external inputs via the QSEE6800+HST module.
  • Each FR6802+QXF frame includes one power supply (ordered as either
    AC or 48V DC), a serial resource (controller) card, and +PilotLite control
    A 30-day trial version of CCS Navigator (Windows-based network control
    application) is also included with each shipment.
  • FR6802+QXF frames can house any mix of signal types, including HD-SDI,
    SDI, DVB-ASI, SMPTE-310M, single-mode and multi-mode fiber optics,
    AES/EBU (balanced and unbalanced), analog video and analog audio.
    These frames feature 20 slots that accommodate single- or multi-slot
    modules with mating back connectors, providing superior density of up
    to 20 modules in a single 2RU frame.

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