Skrivet av anders@divitec.se tis, 2013-08-06 15:34
Designed for use in any operational position where "at a glance" audio metering is required. PAM PiCo is available in five formats; to display stereo, multi channel or surround sound audio from analogue, AES or embedded SDI signal sources, all measuring Loudness to international standards and recommendations including ITU, EBU and ATSC.
• Loudness measurement to EBU, ITU and ATSC recommendations
• Audio de-embedding from SDI input, maximum 16 channels (PAM PiCo Three, Four, Five only)
• AES and analogue audio inputs
• USB Powered (plug top PSU included)
• Stereo metering with EBU Digital, BBC and EBU PPM, DIN, Nordic, VU and many other regional and international scales
• Moving Coil Meter emulation
• LKFS or LUFS loudness scales
• Sliding Loudness Histogram display
• Phase indication bargraph
• StarFish™ display
• Numerical indication of Loudness and loudness range – LRA
• Adjustable reference level
• Variable gate settings
• Loudness Reclaim value
• True Peak display (flying peak and numerical display)
• Simple and intuitive front panel controls
• Online upgrade and update capability via PC (USB connection)
• Desk or rack mount
• Screen Grab application and FFT spectrum analyser (supplied as standard on PAM PiCo Four/Five, cost option for other models)
• Loudness Logging (PiCo Five only, cost option for other models)