Skrivet av tors, 2012-12-06 11:36
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Multiformat HD/SD-SDI Video and Audio Signal Analyzer


The Videotek® TVM9100PKG multiformat, HD/SD-SDI analog
composite and ASI video and audio rackmount (or portable)
signal analyzer with integral XGA TFT color LCD display is the
most cost-effective, versatile, modular, and intuitive test
instrument available in a half-rack scope package.
In comparison to the TVM9140PKG, the TVM9100PKG
can display and evaluate only one input source at a time. 
One hundred percent digital signal processing enables a
precision presentation of waveform, vector, gamut, audio,
picture timing, and optional data analyzer screens,
each of which can be viewed in any quadrant.
Combined with full-screen, picture thumbnail and
powerful MULTI mode, complete display flexibility is provided.