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Multiformat 3G/HD/SD Video Waveform Monitor and Audio Signal Analyzer


The Videotek® TVM9150PKG multiformat video waveform
monitor and audio signal analyzer with integral XGA TFT color
LCD display is the most advanced and intuitive test instrument
available in a half-rack scope package. Versatile and modular,
the TVM9150PKG is ideal for all 3G/HD/SD-SDI, analog
composite and ASI video and audio applications. A 3D
Analysis option allows the TVM9150PKG to support a variety
of 3D television formats with multiple picture modes.
Users can display and evaluate up to four input sources,
in up to four formats, simultaneously. One hundred percent
digital signal processing enables precision presentation of
waveform, vector, gamut, audio, picture, timing and data
analyzer screens, each of which can be viewed in any quadrant.
With full-screen, multiple pictures, thumbnails and powerful
MULTI mode, complete display flexibility is a reality.
TVM9150 packages are predefined module groupings
designed to quickly deliver the monitoring solution you need.
The unit can be rackmounted or used in the field, and integrates
seamlessly into any broadcast, post-production, telecine,
satellite or cable facility, making the TVM9150 the ultimate
choice for quality control, troubleshooting and compliance-check
applications. Select among 3 Gb/s, HD/SD-SDI, SD-SDI,
analog composite and ASI video monitoring with advanced
physical jitter, 3D analysis, Dolby®, advanced audio and lip
sync monitoring options to build a system customized to
your requirements.