Videotek VMM-4SNY

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Integrated Test and Measurement Module for Sony® LCD Monitors

The Videotek® VMM-4SNY module is the first integrated, professional test and measurement device for Sony® LCD monitors, and represents a new concept
in monitoring for video and audio sources.
Providing a cost-effective alternative to test equipment housed in separate
rackmount units, the VMM-4SNY module fits into the following Sony monitors:
BVM-E170, BVM-E250, BVM-L170, BVM-L230, LMD-1751W, LMD-2050W,
LMD-2051W, LMD-2450W, LMD-2451W, LMD-4250W, LMD-4251W, PVM-L1700,
PVM-L2300, and PVM-L3200. The audio output is connected to the monitor’s
internal speakers (when available) with no external connections.
The VMM-4SNY comes standard with two HD-SDI/SD-SDI input connections
with embedded audio support, an AES input connection and an external reference connection.
The unit offers optional 3G-SDI capability. Waveform, vector, gamut,
timing, picture, alarms or audio can be viewed in a quadrant or as individual
full-screen displays. The module also offers a scalable waveform, vector and picture display, and can meter 16 channels of embedded audio and/or the AES input.
Functional control is enabled through a standard Ethernet connection via a Web
browser or an optional remote control panel (RCU-CMS).