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VIDEOTEK Multiformat On-screen Monitor


The Videotek® VTM-2000 multiformat onscreen monitor continues
the Videotek tradition of cost-effective monitoring of SD-SDI and
analog composite signals. Based on the technology developed
for the VTM Series™, the VTM-2000 is an easy-to-operate tool
to monitor and measure SD-SDI (525 and 625) and analog
composite (NTSC and PAL) signals on any XGA-capable monitor.
The output display includes video picture, waveform, vector
and alarm status or optional audio. The display can be
configured to enable the viewing of each element in one
quadrant of the screen or any element in a full-screen view.
The VTM-2000 also optionally accepts four AES/EBU stereo
pairs, four mono or two stereo analog inputs and embedded
audio from the SDI inputs. Audio can be displayed as two-
or four-channel bar graph meters with a phase bar and
Lissajous readout for each meter pair.
Alarms include RGB gamut, loss of video and EDH for SDI;
loss of signal (sync or carrier) for composite and SDI; peak
video and SC/H phase for composite; and peak audio and
loss of sound for audio.
Four presets store user setups for convenience.


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