Dual HD/8 SD TDM Fiber Transmitter and Receiver
AutoSensing 3G/HD/SD Multiplexer with 8 AES Inputs with Optical Transmitter
3G/HD/SD­Capable A/V Frame Synchronizer with Analog Audio Inputs/Outputs and Optical Transmitter or Receiver
8Channel 1.5 Gb/s HDSDI (or 4Channel 3 Gb/s HDSDI) Output, TDM Fiber Receiver
8-Channel 1.5Gb/s HD-SDI (or 4-Channel 3Gb/s) input, TDM Fiber Transmitter
Autosensing, bidirectional analog/SD/HD video and 4x analog audio, 2x RS­232/422/485, Ethernet fiber transceiver
Intelligent Optical Protection Switch
Simple, Flexible Processing Module (SD/HD/3G/ASI)